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Slipper Slippers

Do you need a bootie slip on to go out? look no further than slipper slippers! They're fuzzy fur fleece slipper boots bootie slip on ladies warm cosy lined house shoes. The booties are made of soft, lightweight fawn fur which means they're perfect for hot summer days spent outdoors. And the slippers come in all different colors and styles to match the one you choose. They're perfect for the lady who wants to feel like a part of the family.

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These slippers are so cozy and comfortable! They are perfect for when you want to spend a lazy day in the house. They are okay to wear outside, but would make a great way to add to your home office or house in a package with other slippers from the series.
these slippers are perfect for the hot weather. They are boho-inspired sandals with a flat form to them and they come in different sizes. You can get them as a pair or in a set. They are a flip flop type of sneaker, so they will be comfortable for any type of foot.
these slippers are so cozy and comfortable! The slippers will make you feel like a celebrity in no time at all!